McClain Hunting


Firearms Rules

For safety reasons during your hunt at McClain, the following rules are provided:

  • 1. Alcohol must not be consumed prior to or during hunting.
  • 2. Obey the Professional Hunters instruction at all times.
  • 3. Familiarize yourself with the workings of the firearm you will be using prior to hunting. A shooting range and instruction is available at McClain.
  • 4. All firearms must be in excellent mechanical condition.
  • 5. Personal hearing protectors and safety glasses should be worn during target shooting.
  • 6. Treat every firearm as loaded. A firearm must be open and empty before you pass it on to someone, or before you accept it from anyone.
  • 7. Always point firearms in a safe direction.
  • 8. Load a firearm only when ready to fire and fire only upon the Professional Hunter’s instruction. Use only the correct ammunition for the firearm. Make sure the barrel(s) have no obstructions.
  • 9. Clearly identify your target. Do not fire at movement, color, shape or sound.
  • 10. Check your firing zone, both between you and your target and the area beyond your target.
  • 11. Firearms are to be unloaded prior to entering or exiting a vehicle, entering any building or scaling any obstacle.
  • 12. Firearms and ammunitions are to be stored before and after use in the McClain gunroom.

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